• LED entertainment
  • Spectacular shows
  • Surprising final acts
  • Indoor/outdoor festivals
  • Vuurshow-Tomorrowland
  • Glowballz-3D-Driehoek
  • GB-Visual-Poi-Show-ClubLite

The Glowballz fire show and LED Show is a dynamic dance act. Enchanting LED and / or fire circles, around which the dancers seamlessly flow into each other, forming special patterns and make this LED and fire show a true visual spectacle.

One fire or light artist at your party for your guests is already a true attraction, but you can also choose to hire two or more artists!

We offer:

  • Choreographed shows – with a mix of music created especially for the show
  • Freestyle shows – whereby we take no music but dance to the music on location such as a DJ or live band.
  • Shows tailor – made to a piece of music submitted by the customer

Our customers

Glowballz among others, has acted for :