The Glowballz fire show and LED Show is a dynamic dance act. Enchanting LED and / or fire circles, around which the dancers seamlessly flow into each other, forming special patterns and make this LED and fire show a true visual spectacle.

One fire or light artist at your party for your guests is already a true attraction, but you can also choose to hire two or more artists!

We offer:

  • Choreographed shows – with a mix of music created especially for the show
  • Freestyle shows – whereby we take no music but dance to the music on location such as a DJ or live band.
  • Shows tailor – made to a piece of music submitted by the customerk


Glowballz has over fifteen years experience in professional fire shows and LED Poi shows and we have performed many times for various events including:

GCCS Ridderzaal Binnenhof The Hague – Panama in Royal Theatre CarrĂ©
Angels of Light Gala Amsterdam – Phillips Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Noordwijk
BasicFit International corporate Klokgebouw Eindhoven – MTV Ibiza

Spectacular fire show for any occasion. Surprise your audience with this particular show.

Glowballz among others, has acted for :