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Visual Poi

With our Visual Poi(Logo Poi) every show becomes exclusive and unique!

Your own Logo and text in the show? It’s possible!

Jubilee Show – Visual Poi | GCCS 2015 Knight Hall | International corporate event BasicFit

How it works:

With our Visual Poi (Logo Poi) we can show all kinds of texts and images.

For example:

  • Brands, Logo’s and Company names
  • Images of products
  • Revealing an amount or the name of a winner
  • Personal texts for Weddings and Jubilees

Your Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas wishes can also be brought to your audience in a spectacular manner with this special LED Poi act.

Per show we make a unique light program. In consultation with the client we choose images and texts that fit well with the event.

Per show we generally fit 5 texts and 11 images in our equipment.
In a choreography show these texts and images will show 1x per round and in an freestyle show they will be shown 2x per round.

Each text and image will momentarily remain unchanged therefore giving the audience the chance to see and to read it.

The LED Poi show is a true visual spectacle and is ideal for corporate events and product launches. Additionally weddings, clubs and dance events can also amaze their audience with this special Visual Poi Show.

Corporate events

Clubs and Dance events

Wedding ceremonies


Christmas Party’s